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Our Aims

Technology and Design is a subject that develops pupils’ skills and abilities to design, innovate and create products and solutions in an ever-evolving world. It is a STEM subject, which aims to:

  • Develop pupils as effective and independent learners;
  • Develop pupils decision-making skills through individual and collaborative working;
  • Develop skills of creativity and critical analysis through making links between existing solutions, technological knowledge and the principles of good design;
  • Let pupils make decisions, consider sustainability and combine skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make quality products and/or systems.


Subject Leader

Mr K Lunn


Mrs S Graydon


Mrs S McIlwaine


Mr P Stretton


Mr M McCreight


  • Key Stage 3
  • GCSE
  • AS & A Level

Facilities & Resources

Technology & Design is taught in a purpose-built suite comprising two systems rooms, two planning rooms and two multi-material workshops. The workshops are fully equipped with a range of hand tools and equipment including a metal lathe, milling machine, MIG welder and oxyacetylene welding facilities. ICT facilities include 4 interactive whiteboards and 56 C2kni networked desktop computers with associated peripherals, graphics tablets and printers. A CNC router and two laser cutters are used extensively by all pupils in the manufacture of 2D and 3D components from computer aided drawings. There are two 3D printers; used to manufacture projects from CAD drawings produced by pupils at GCSE and Advanced Level.

Careers and progression routes

Technology and Design is a STEM subject and so provides good support for a wide range of careers, particularly those involving Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, indeed any occupation in which technology plays a part. The transferable skills are an asset to those pursuing careers in engineering, medical and technical areas.

Anyone studying Technology and Design will develop sophisticated, transferable ICT skills through the use of a very wide range of software, facilitating careers in any area involving ICT. The creative aspects of the course will assist those considering a career in areas such as Product Design.

Studying Technology & Design at A Level provides an opportunity to study a surprisingly diverse range of Further and Higher Education courses. In the past few years, these courses have included: Aerospace, Civil, Electronic, Mechanical, Structural and Manufacturing Engineering, Biomedical Science, Interior and Environmental Design, Conservation Biology, Medicine, Architecture, Product Design, Computing and Information Technology

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