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Academy Accolades

The Oxford dictionary states that an accolade is ‘an award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgement of merit’. The Academy Accolades is a new venture within school.

We believe in kindness, altruism and generosity of spirit so we are going to recognise those members of our school community who exemplify these facets of our school ethos. The different categories of this award include: Overcoming adversity; Charity champion; Caring spirit; Community hero; Child of courage; Special recognition; Repeated actions of kindness.

You can nominate a pupil to receive an Academy Accolade by clicking on the following link.

Academy Accolades nomination

All nominations will be reviewed by members of our Senior Leadership Team and awards will be distributed accordingly.

For updates please see our School Facebook page where worthy recipients will be showcased.

Academy Accolade

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