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Open Evenings

We are delighted to confirm the dates of our forthcoming Open Evenings which will take place on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th January 2023, from 6.45 - 9.00pm. These evenings will give parents and pupils who are considering Belfast Royal Academy for their secondary education the opportunity to see the School, meet staff and pupils, view our facilities and experience the wealth of extra-curricular activities on offer.

We also have a selection of videos which will provide you with an accurate sense of the values and ethos that permeate through our day to day activities. The five videos will provide you with the chance to explore our School and get a taste of the wealth of opportunity on offer to pupils at Belfast Royal Academy.

Videos include:

  • Welcome from the Principal
  • Life at Belfast Royal Academy
  • Form 1 Pupils' Question Time
  • Sport at Belfast Royal Academy

To view each video, scroll through using the slider.

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Frequently asked questions - please scroll to the time frame indicated to listen to the question you are interested in.

0m00s - How do our admissions criteria apply for Form 1?

4m41 - How does the School help Form 1 pupils settle in?

6m22s - Describe the pastoral care in the School.

7m26s - Is there streaming in Form 1?

7m55s - Are there buses to and from near our house? Is there transport back to school for extra-curricular activities?

9m51s - What support is there if a pupil is struggling with a subject?

11m15s - Will my child be put in a class with friends from Primary School?

12m07s - What clubs and societies are there?

13m08s - Is there sport on Saturdays?

13m54s - What are the expectations about homework?

15m06s - How are parents supported with homework and revision?

17m19s - Do all boys have to take part in rugby? Having a child who cannot participate in contact sport for medical reasons, will there be the opportunity for participation in an alternative sport?

18m06s - What is the School House System and how can pupils get involved?

19m09s - What up-to-date ICT provisions does the school have and how much ICT would pupils be using during class time or be required to use at home?

20m05s - Can you clarify the difference between PE and Games kit?

21m31s - What standardised testing happens and when? What is the testing used for?

22m12s - Who do we contact if we have any difficulties or concerns about our child?


Please take this opportunity to have a look at our Prospectus.
We hope it gives you a sense of who and what we are and what makes the Academy such a unique and special place.

To request a copy of this Prospectus to be posted to you, please call the General Office on 028 9074 0423 or email your name and address to

Belfast Royal Academy Prospectus

6th Form Prospectus

Form 1 Admissions (Year 8)

Where bright futures begin

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions that you make for your child’s future and we hope our prospectus gives you a sense of our vibrant and caring School and the wealth of opportunities available. We would encourage you to visit the School and meet staff and current pupils at one of our Open Days to see first-hand and experience all that Belfast Royal Academy has to offer.

Admissions Criteria Form 1

Each year we admit 200 pupils into Form 1. Pupils are admitted according to our Admissions Criteria and are administered by the Transfer Office at the Education Authority. Our Admissions Criteria is renewed annually by our Board of Governors. The Admissions Criteria for entry into Form 1 for September 2023 will be issued in due course. It is not possible to apply directly to the School for a place in Form 1.

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Forms 2 – 5 (Years 9 – 12)

Occasionally a small number of places may become available in these year groups, depending on enrolment numbers at the start of the academic year.

Details of our Admissions Criteria and a link to our Application Form for September 2023 can be found in the download below.

The deadline for receiving applications for Forms 2 to 5 will be Monday 8th May 2023. Prospective candidates will then be invited to complete set assessments.

The Assessment Day is due to take place on Friday 9th June 2023.

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Sixth Form (Years 13 & 14)

Being part of our Sixth Form is both a challenging and stimulating experience. No-one ever regrets the experience of a wonderful education for those all-important A-level years. We always welcome talented and capable pupils into our Sixth Form to finish off their schooling to their maximum potential. At Belfast Royal Academy we create an environment in which our pupils achieve excellent examination results whilst also developing their personal and leadership skills.

Admissions Criteria for Sixth Form Entry
Pupils wishing to join our Sixth Form will normally require a minimum of 12 points at GCSE (A* = 4 points, A = 3 points, B = 2 points, C* = 1 ½ points, C = 1 point) and are expected to have achieved at least a Grade B in the subjects they wish to study for A level. Entry to Sixth Form is also dependent upon a pupil’s disciplinary record and school attendance. Details of our Admissions Criteria for September 2023 entry to Sixth Form can be viewed in the document below. Prospective candidates should complete the online “Expression of Interest” form here.

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Belfast Royal Academy is a Voluntary Grammar School and as a result it is permitted to levy fees and charges in respect of registered pupils in certain limited circumstances.

The capital fee of £140 per pupil is a compulsory annual charge and should be paid at the beginning of each academic year. In addition, we also request a supplementary parental contribution of £300 per pupil which has remained unchanged over the last 4 years.

The combined annual charge amounts to £440 per pupil, which is equivalent to a daily payment of less than £1.20, which is excellent value for money for the high quality, rounded education offered at our school.


Why your help matters

Whilst the supplementary parental contribution is not mandatory, this money goes towards our general school funds and greatly assists in alleviating the growing financial pressures faced by the school. In recent years, you will no doubt be aware of ongoing reductions in grant funding to schools in Northern Ireland. This funding has fallen further and further below the ordinary running costs of the school and the financial position is becoming increasingly difficult. The supplementary contributions we receive from parents are essential to fill the gap and allow the school to continue to provide a quality education for all its students and enable us to offer the wide range of subject choices, as well as the extensive programme of extra-curricular activities. The income provided by parental contributions helps to fund various other aspects of school life, including transport and provision of school buses and development and maintenance of our facilities.


Payment options
To facilitate payments, the School operates a system of monthly direct debits for the collection of fees. This monthly direct debit system removes the inconvenience of arranging to pay bills, as once you have signed up, the mandate will continue as long as the pupil remains at the school. The annual fees are paid over a ten-month period from September to June (around the last working day of each month), thereby spreading the charge and making it more affordable.

Belfast Royal Academy is a registered charity and we encourage all parents to take advantage of the HMRC Gift Aid Scheme, which means the School can claim back tax on parental contributions, at no extra cost to you. More information about this scheme is detailed on the Gift Aid Declaration.

If you have any questions regarding Fees or Parental Contributions, please contact the Finance Office on 028 9074 0423 or email


Contact Us
Should you have any queries with regards to admissions please contact the School Office on 028 9074 0423 or email

Get in touch

Our office is open 8:15am - 4:15pm Monday to Friday.