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Reporting an Absence

Advance notice absence

If parents know in advance that a pupil needs time off school for an appointment or for any other reason, they should send in a note prior to the absence requesting permission. The pupil should give this note to their Class Tutor and a chit will be issued. All absences not authorised in advance must be accounted for and this will require the parent to provide an explanation.


Unexpected absence

If a pupil is unexpectedly absent, for example in the case of illness or emergency medical or dental appointment, parents should contact the Attendance Line on 028 9075 4761 to explain the reason for the absence. This phone line opens at 8:15am.

Any absences not accounted for will be followed up by text message to the Priority 1 mobile number which parents have provided to the school. The school text number is 028 2502 2026 - you may reply to a text from school on this number only on the day the text is received, to explain your child's absence.


Unauthorised absence

Whilst the School acknowledges the difficulty parents sometimes have in arranging family holidays, holidays in term time are unsettling for pupils and for other members of the class. Family holidays will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

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