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Mara Faye 20 Pastoral Care

Pupil Wellbeing

Pastoral Care

Belfast Royal Academy is a school where pupils feel valued and respected. We seek to ensure that our pupils experience an engaging, inspiring and enjoyable time at school in the pursuit of both academic and personal development.

What is Pastoral Care in schools?

Pastoral Care is understood to be caring for pupils as individuals with intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs.

The School is very proud of the outstanding pastoral care we provide. We place all pupils’ wellbeing at the heart of the School, with an emphasis on values, character and a range of experiences to provide a rounded education. All pupils are nurtured and encouraged, from the induction days for Form 1 through to every day of the pupil’s time at the school. Happy and secure children are far more likely to thrive in and outside the classroom and everyone who works at Belfast Royal Academy is very proud to go the extra mile for each and every pupil.

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During the inspection, the school provided evidence that the arrangements for safeguarding pupils reflect the guidance issued by the Department of Education. The pupils, with whom the inspectors met, reported that they feel safe in school and are aware of what to do if they have any concerns about their safety or well-being.

Education and Training Inspectorate Inspection feedback, October 2019

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Pastoral Care Values & Aims

Through our pastoral care policies, we aim:

  • To create and maintain an atmosphere where pupils feel they are safe, valued, well-known, respected and happy
  • To create a harmonious and dynamic learning environment
  • To provide, when necessary, sympathetic and effective guidance and counselling, through internal and external provision
  • To raise awareness of possible risk of harm, and to encourage pupils to make safe choices
  • To strengthen links between the School, parents and the wider community
  • To prepare pupils for the challenges of adult and working life

Our understanding of the meaning of pastoral care for pupils in Belfast Royal Academy is rooted in these aims.

Our Approach

The School’s ethos, which has evolved over many years, values pupils as individuals with unique qualities and talents, and seeks to develop the potential of pupils and members of staff in a humane, supportive environment. Central to pastoral care in the School is the building of strong relationships and the fostering of mutual respect between staff and pupils. Respect for diversity, and the valuing of all members of the School community as equals, are at the heart of the School’s ethos.

Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey infographic encapsulates the important stages along a pupil’s career in Belfast Royal Academy from their transition from Primary School to school leavers.

It includes an overview of the ethos, the community and the extra-curricular aspects of life at school as well as key curriculum areas for all year groups, interdisciplinary learning and opportunities for personal development and achievement. The purpose of the each individual’s learning journey is to enable our pupils to develop the attributes and capabilities which contribute to four of the key skills and values we hold for pupils at BRA:

  • Capable of independent work
  • Respect
  • Life-long learning
  • Resilience

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