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BRA CH2167


Positive Behaviour Policy

The School has a Positive Behaviour Policy and we believe the most effective form of discipline in School is self-discipline. For the most part pupils adhere to the school rules and conduct themselves in a cheerful, sensible and responsible way because they understand the value of such behaviour.


Positive Behaviour Expectations

This policy outlines our common approach to provide a fair and consistent maintenance of high standards. We expect all members of the school community to follow this policy.

Our policy enables:

  • Safety, wellbeing and conditions for learning and achievement
  • Consistent and fair treatment for all members of our school community


  • We respect ourselves, others and property
  • We use good manners and behave courteously and responsibly
  • We follow instructions and respect the learning environment
  • We adhere to school policy regarding the use of mobile phones
  • We take pride in our appearance, wearing uniform correctly
  • We work hard and always try our best
  • We arrive to class on time, prepared and equipped for work
  • We complete work on time and to the best of our ability

Rewards include:

  • Verbal or written praise from teachers
  • Merits for good behaviour and good work
  • Positive comments on Reports and at Parents’ Consultations
  • Head of Year/Subject Leader commendation
  • Head of School/Vice Principal Commendation
  • Principal commendation
  • Merit prizes and certificates
  • Outstanding Achievement Assembly

It is the responsibility of Heads of Year, other members of staff and Prefects to reason with and persuade individuals of the desirability of conduct which is supportive of the School’s ethos. This process plays a much more significant part in the maintenance of discipline in the School than the administering of punishments. Pupils are rewarded through a variety of means including the issue of merits.


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