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Life At BRA

We understand that transitioning to a large school may be a daunting prospect and therefore much effort is made to ensure a smooth transition for all pupils joining the School. All new pupils will have an initial interview, usually with a senior member of staff, and the information from this interview will be forwarded to the Head of Year, who will follow up as necessary. Information on Medical and Special Educational Needs will be forwarded to the Matron and the Learning Support team respectively. For pupils for whom English is a second language, the Head of Year will liaise with the School’s English and Modern Languages Departments to establish language support. Consideration will be given to the provision of some policy documents for parents in the home language, and where necessary, the School will liaise with the Education Authority NI to provide translators for induction or progress meetings with parents. Form 1 pupils can establish friendships within their peer group by participating in a team building event as part of the induction programme. All parents of new Form 1 pupils will attend an induction meeting with Senior Staff at the beginning of the new academic year. A senior member of staff will take responsibility for the induction of new pupils in other Forms.

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