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The capital fee of £140 per pupil is a compulsory annual charge and should be paid at the beginning of each academic year. In addition, we also request a supplementary parental contribution of £300 per pupil which has remained unchanged over the last five years.

The combined annual charge amounts to £440 per pupil, which is equivalent to a daily payment of less than £1.20, which is excellent value for money for the high quality, rounded education offered at our school.

Why your help matters

Whilst the supplementary parental contribution is not mandatory, this money goes towards our general school funds and greatly assists in alleviating the growing financial pressures faced by the School. In recent years, you will no doubt be aware of ongoing reductions in grant funding to schools in Northern Ireland. This funding has fallen further and further below the ordinary running costs of the School and the financial position is becoming increasingly difficult.

The supplementary contributions we receive from parents are essential to fill the gap and allow the School to continue to provide a quality education for all its pupils and enable us to offer the wide range of subject choices, as well as the extensive programme of extra-curricular activities. The income provided by parental contributions helps to fund various other aspects of school life, including transport and the development and maintenance of our facilities.

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Payment options

To facilitate payments, the School operates a system of monthly direct debits for the collection of fees. This monthly direct debit system removes the inconvenience of arranging to pay bills, as the mandate will continue as long as the pupil remains at the school. The annual fees are paid over a ten-month period from September to June (around the last working day of each month), thereby spreading the charge and making it more affordable.

Belfast Royal Academy is a registered charity and we encourage all parents to take advantage of the HMRC Gift Aid Scheme, which means the School can claim back tax on parental contributions, at no extra cost to you. More information about this scheme is detailed on the Gift Aid Declaration.

If you have any questions regarding Fees or Parental Contributions, please contact the Finance Office on 028 9074 0423 or email

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