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Friends of the Academy (FOTA)

Friends of the Academy (FOTA) is a group of parents and staff, both past and present, who are committed to promoting a sense of community within the school in an enjoyable way.

FOTA’s motto is “A community for you. Feel part of it. Be part of it”. We aim to achieve this by helping our dedicated staff by supporting them at various School events such as serving refreshments at Open Mornings/Evenings and at the Carol Services both in BRA and Ben Madigan.

We also fundraise for the School by hosting a number of enjoyable social events throughout the year. We usually start in September with a quirky and fun Quiz. However, our programme of events is varied and has something to suit everyone. FOTA also holds two ‘preloved’ Uniform Sales each year and these have become an invaluable service for parents and guardians.

The monies raised by FOTA are used to provide extra facilities for pupils and staff such as the installation and upkeep of the fresh drinking water dispensers and provision of equipment for many of the extra-curricular clubs. Annually we fund the Merit Scheme in School.

An event we introduced to the School Calendar in recent years is the Welcome Breakfast for Form 1 parents and guardians on the first day of term. This Breakfast is an informal affair for parents and guardians to enjoy on what can be a very daunting day.

The FOTA team look forward to welcoming you to the School and to our social events in the forthcoming academic year. The FOTA committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month, during term time, from 7-8pm in School. If you feel you would like to help but cannot commit to regular meetings we also have an Associates List. Associates are those who kindly offer their support and services at certain events - FOTA does the organising and they turn up on the night of the event to help.

If you would be interested in getting involved with FOTA or require further information, please contact the School Office on 028 9074 0423.

The FOTA Committee wish you and your children an enjoyable and rewarding experience as part of the Belfast Royal Academy community.

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