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About our School

Vision statement

To ensure that all our pupils are given every opportunity and the support they need to fulfil their potential in school and life.

Mission Statement

We believe that education has the power to transform lives.

By stimulating intellectual curiosity, we create independent thinkers, better equipped to contribute to and lead society.

By offering every pupil the opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects, challenges and experiences, we help them discover passions, talents and interests that will stay with them for life.

The essence of Belfast Royal Academy is a high standard of teaching coupled with deep levels of support. By nurturing self-confidence and self-worth, we reveal true potential.

At the Academy, we both broaden and sharpen the mind.


We respect knowledge

Academic, practical, artistic or general, we do not just impart knowledge, we teach the value of it as a currency. Pupils are well-taught by subject specialists and develop, through their work, self-discipline, self-confidence and a respect for knowledge.


We champion diversity

We are a historically inclusive school, proof-positive that the power of diversity makes us stronger, together. Understanding the nuances of culture, orientation and points of view widens our perspective, fuelling our curiosity to discover more and enriching our appreciation of the wider world.


We are not afraid of hard work

We aim high and achieve great results – academically, in music, in sport and on stage. Success requires hard work inside and outside the classroom. We believe that it instils an ethic of determination and resilience and develops strength of character.


We have high standards

Founded in 1785 by Rev. Dr James Crombie, our school was established to provide ‘education of a high standard’. It remains our ethos, over 230 years later. However, to ‘education’ we now also add ‘opportunities and experiences’; ‘support and behaviour’. Achieving high standards across all these areas is important, because such things make us what we are.


Get in touch

Our office is open 8:15am - 4:15pm Monday to Friday.