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Life At BRA

Morning Arrangements

Pupils should normally arrive in School no earlier than 8:00am unless they are involved in a supervised school activity or they have to be in School early because of transport arrangements.

Pupils who arrive in School early may either go to the Dining Hall, where they can purchase hot drinks or breakfast snacks, or to the School Library, until the bell signifying the beginning of the school day rings. Sixth Form pupils may go to the Sixth Form Common Room at this time. Once pupils arrive in School, they are expected not to leave the School grounds before the formal start of the School day at 8:40am.

Pupils should go promptly to Registration for 8:40am and the Official Roll is taken at 8:45am.
Pupils who arrive after 8:55am should sign the Late Book at the General Office and then proceed directly to class.

With the exception of Tuesday, each period is of one-hour duration. School finishes at 3:10pm on all days but Tuesday, when it finishes at the earlier time of 2:15pm, to allow additional time for any pupils who require study support.

Monday, Wednesday - Friday
Official Roll taken
Period 1
8:55am - 10:00am
Period 2
10:00am - 11:05am
11:05am - 11:20am
Period 3
11:20am - 12:25pm
12:25pm - 1:05pm
Period 4
1:05pm - 2:05pm
Period 5
2:05pm - 3:10pm
Reg A / Assembly
8:40am – 9:10am
Reg B / Assembly (Period 1)
9:10am – 9:40am
Period 2
9:40am – 10:35am
10:35am – 10:50am
Period 3
10:50am – 11:45am
Period 4
11:45am – 12:40pm
12:40pm – 1:20pm
Period 5
1:20pm – 2:15pm


Assembly is an integral part of our routine and pupils are required to attend (apart from those excused on grounds of conscience). Assembly is held weekly on Tuesday mornings and gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on spiritual, moral or social issues, as well as hearing about the full range of school activities and items of news and information.

Get in touch

Our office is open 8:15am - 4:15pm Monday to Friday.