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Our Aims

As a department we support all students at their current level and have high expectations for what they can achieve. We aim to prepare students in their learning for their future careers and also bring some of the joy in Mathematics we experience as teachers to the classroom experience.

We aim to provide a challenging course at KS3 level to prepare out students for the examination years.

There is an accelerated course of study for some students at GCSE to complete both GCSE Mathematics and GCSE Further Mathematics in two years. We do not require GCSE Further Mathematics to study A-level.

At A-level we again have an accelerated course of study to complete both A-level Mathematics and A-level Further Mathematics. We regularly have one of the largest A-level Further Mathematics classes in Northern Ireland and frequently prepare students for Oxbridge examinations and interviews.


Subject Leader

Mr S Graham


Miss S Ardis


Mr S Healy


Miss J Jeganathan


Ms S McIlhatton


Mrs K McIntyre


Ms A McMillen


Mrs A Reynolds


Dr S Springer


  • Key Stage 3
  • GCSE
  • A Level


There are opportunities to take part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) individual challenges and also to represent BRA in team competitions. These team competitions are at all levels across school. We have qualified for the National UKMT Final in London with the Junior Team on several occasions in recent years and placed highly in the Senior Queens’ University Annual competition.

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