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Belfast Royal Academy 381 1

Health & Social Care

Our Aims

  • To develop knowledge and understanding relevant to degrees in nursing, allied health professions, social sciences, social policy, social work and early years.
  • to carry out research and present findings in different formats.
  • to apply skills to health and social care work-related scenarios.
  • to develop skills, aptitudes and values for employment in the health, social care and early years sectors.
  • to provide extended responses and evidence of quality of written communication.


Senior Subject Teacher

Mrs J McNally


Miss B Kennedy

Course Overview

Health and Social Care is the study of health and well-being. With health and social care being a growing sector in Northern Ireland, students will study a range of topic areas relevant to employment in the health, social care and early years sectors of the economy. Many students with qualifications in Health and Social Care go on to have interesting and successful careers in childcare, nursing, midwifery, social work, teaching, paramedics, counselling and health-visiting.


Pupils follow the CCEA specification for AS and A2 level. There is a good balance between externally assessed units (examinations) and internally assessed units (portfolios) which enable students to plan work effectively, develop research skills and monitor progress on a regular basis. As this is an applied subject with a vocational perspective, you will be given the opportunity to access a health, social care or early years setting such as a hospital, care home, day centre, nursery or primary school. During this placement you will gain first-hand experience of the day to day running of the setting.

  • AS Level
  • A2 Level

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