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BRA Spanish CH005

Government & Politics

Why Study Government & Politics?

In the Sixth Form you can choose to study Government & Politics. You probably won’t have studied Government & Politics in school before so it might be a new option to you in deciding your A Level subjects. Studying Politics is a great way to develop your understanding of the decision-making processes that affect our daily lives. In learning about politics, you will gain knowledge of what shapes our world and better understand the choices available to political leaders and the limits to what they decide. If you like studying History and keep up to date with the news and current affairs, you should think about choosing Politics.

Our Aims

By studying Government & Politics, we want our Sixth Form students to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of a range of political systems and ideas and to carry this interest forward into life beyond School
  • make thoughtful and considered arguments in discussions in class, with family or friends
  • be challenged and listen to alternative points of view before drawing conclusions
  • become well-informed citizens who understand and can interpret what is happening in current affairs and be able to explain it to others.


Senior Subject Teacher

Ms K. Barnett


  • AS/A2

What Can You Do With Politics?

A number of students use the subject as useful subject knowledge for degree courses in Journalism, Social Policy, Business and Human Resource Management, Public Relations and Communication Studies at university, where the process of political decision-making is an important element of undergraduate study.

Many of the pupils studying A Level Politics follow a career in Law. The content of the British Political Process module of the AS course is often a major component in first year Law degrees in UK universities; the need to have evidence to back up any statement or claim made in any piece of written work is an essential element of A Level Government & Politics and is also a first principle in most undergraduate courses, especially Law.

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