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Psychology is a newly introduced A Level in BRA. It is concerned with helping us understand the thoughts and behaviour of individuals. The course is interesting and challenging, covering many areas within psychology.

The AS Level course involves studying:

  • The main approaches in psychology i.e. psychodynamic, behaviourist, cognitive, biological and positive. Key aspects of each approach are studied, such as the main assumptions, a therapy and a classic piece of research.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to study the research methods used by psychologists and to explore and give contemporary debates within psychology, such as the reliability of eye-witness testimony and the ethics of neuroscience.

The A Level course will require students to study:

  • Explanations and ways of modifying schizophrenia, stress and criminal behaviour
  • Controversies such as sexism and the use of non-human animals in psychological research
  • Knowledge of research methods and statistical analysis will be developed
  • Two personal investigations will also be carried out

Entry Requirements

Strong GCSE profile is advised with B grades in English Language, English Literature Maths and Science (preferably Biology) being essential.

Course Delivery

A Level Psychology is essentially classroom based with AS and A Level students allocated 9 hours over the two week timetable. Assessment is in the form of examinations.

Progression Opportunities

Many of our students hope to study psychology at degree level. This can lead to careers in areas such as criminal psychology, educational psychology, sports psychology and clinical psychology.

Psychology is useful for any occupation which involves working with people such as teaching, nursing, social work, human resources and the police force.

Staff: Mrs J McNally

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