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BRA CH16751

Investment Programme

Over the past year, our pupils have benefited from ongoing improvements to school facilities thanks to in excess of £225k having been spent across the various School sites. These developments included a substantial spend at Roughfort playing fields to resurface the carpark, upgrade the spectator area and refurbish the Pavilion, and a major investment in new heating systems in both the Ben Madigan Kindergarten building and the School’s Louis Lord building. In addition to this we have had a very busy summer of activity at the main School site. An additional £90k has been invested in three major development projects, including extensive health and safety works to the trees at the front of the school to remove unstable overhanging branches, the replacement and upgrading of paving in front of Jackson Building and essential maintenance work to the top floor of the main school Crombie building to repair stonework. Principal Hilary Woods said “Continued investment in our School estates is essential and will have a positive impact on pupils, parents and staff and demonstrate that we are continually dedicated to improving the facilities across all areas of the School”.

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